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About Us

The idea for Clutch Cardi...

was inspired by the feeling that I could never wear a strappy design once the weather got chilly as I was never one to brave the cold.

Seeing girls running around at midnight in their fashion finest with the wind howling sent shivers up my well covered spine even though I wanted to look like them. I realised that having the WOW factor sometimes meant being chilled to the bone all in the name of fashion. Going out I would see friends in their gorgeous couture only to look out and see the clouds getting darker and the temperature drop. I thought that if they had some warm coverage they could enjoy themselves so much more. A cardigan would do the trick but it kind of got in the way of elegance that top fashion brings and so the Clutch Cardi was born. Clutch Cardi is compact and made of ultra-light weight thermal fabric. It's both warm and compact. Clutch Cardi can be discreetly tucked in your clutch purse and used if the weather decides to change.